There are many reasons for pruning trees and shrubs. We live with trees every day, and it is important to manage the risk associated with daily interactions with those trees.

We prune trees to keep our homes safe, the neighbors jealous, and to keep the value of our homes increasing. We see our role in western North Carolina as being good stewards of the environment. Trees are some of the mightiest structures on earth, and they deserve tender loving care.

Tree trimming is one of our services in western NC, and we conduct this type of tree care many times per day.

We do provide tree care services on an emergency basis when a customer’s tree branches are either getting close to or leaning against power lines or hovering over their home’s roof. Sometimes a tree needs to be cut down because it has died; so we offer tree removal. We always put safety first as we do stump grinding and take care of hauling the remains away to where it will be responsibly disposed of.

Ray's Tree Service

Ray's Tree Service

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